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Healy Global Relocation

Healy Global Relocation is a full service, global relocation company. We help our clients all around the world with all their residential and commercial real estate needs, as well as all their moving needs.


Meet Rogers Healy


Rogers Healy, a native Texan, has lived in Dallas for the majority of his life. Before moving to Dallas, Rogers lived in Corpus Christi and San Antonio. Rogers and his family moved from South Texas to Dallas, in the early 1990’s, so he and his sister could attend the Highland Park schools. Rogers instantly fell in love with everything Dallas had to offer, especially the beauty and uniqueness of the homes and neighborhoods.


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Top 3 reasons people move 1️⃣ To relocate to a new or better home; 2️⃣ To establish their own household; 3️⃣ For a new job or job transfer. Whatever your reason, #HealyRelocation is here to make your move easier. From helping you find your new home even though you’re a thousand miles (or a country away) to providing personalized moving services and shipping your car, boat or furry friend - we have you covered. #GlobalRelocation

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