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Healy Global Relocation

Healy Global Relocation is a full service, global relocation company. We help our clients all around the world with all their residential and commercial real estate needs, as well as all their moving needs.


Meet Rogers Healy


Rogers Healy, a native Texan, has lived in Dallas for the majority of his life. Before moving to Dallas, Rogers lived in Corpus Christi and San Antonio. Rogers and his family moved from South Texas to Dallas, in the early 1990’s, so he and his sister could attend the Highland Park schools. Rogers instantly fell in love with everything Dallas had to offer, especially the beauty and uniqueness of the homes and neighborhoods.


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Our very own @rogershealyrealtor was up before the roosters crow (again) talking with @morningsmaria + @foxbusiness about how the government shutdown is affecting #RealEstate. Tune in to stay informed ➡️ our #GlobalRelocation experts always have you covered. #GlobalRealEstate #FoxBusiness #RogersHealy #InTheNews #CelebrityRealEstate #ProAthleteRealEstate

#TuesdayTips | When calling a mover to request a quote and schedule a move, a person might say they have a five bedroom home with standard items. THEN, when the movers show up - the reality is that the person had a lot more items to move than they thought! Now, their five bedroom home could cost double to move than what they originally expected. Thankfully, we can help you avoid the hit to your wallet, the unnecessary heartache and the back aches associated with your move by recommending qualified preferred vendors ➡️ Connect@HealyRelocation for all your relocation needs! #TuesdayTips #movingday #tipsandtricks #GlobalRelocation #RogersHealy #GlobalRealEstate

#Featured City | Forty miles of beach, temperatures that never get far above 82, an event to go to every weekend, art on every corner and outdoor activities as numerous as the grains of sand between your toes every morning. If you think this sounds like #HeavenOnEarth, then #PalmBeach is the place for you! ☀️🏝🏄🏻‍♂️⚾️🏌🏻‍♀️🎣⛵️🛥🛍 With fun-filled festivals, Spring Training games, world-class golf courses and water activities such as fishing, boating, paddleboarding and snorkeling, you will always have something to do or you can choose to do nothing at all while relaxing #underthesun. Or if brand names and five-star restaurants are your guilty pleasure, Palm Beach has plenty of high-end shopping options and countless delectable dining spots, too. You also have several neighborhoods to pick from such as: Boca Raton, Jupiter, Vero Beach and West Palm Beach, you’ll never be far from the water. Each community offers a wide variety of housing options including single family homes, sprawling estates, townhomes, apartments, condos and villas! When you’re ready to splash into the lifestyle that is Palm Beach, #Florida 🐬 Info@HealyRelocation.com. The @healyrelocation team will make your move smooth-sailing. #HealyRelocation #GlobalRealEstate #RogersHealy #funinthesun #palmbeachflorida